How to find the difference of the maximum points between datasets

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I have three data sets of sine waves, I am looking of the way to find the maximum points (only) for each dataset and then find the difference between them

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Jan 2019
[max1, index1] = max(signal1);
[max2, index2] = max(signal2);
[max3, index3] = max(signal3);
% Difference between maximum amplitudes.
diff12 = abs(max1 - max2);
diff13 = abs(max1 - max3);
diff23 = abs(max2 - max3);
% Now diff between indexes
indexDiff12 = abs(index1 - index2);
indexDiff13 = abs(index1 - index3);
indexDiff23 = abs(index2 - index3);
Ahmed Abdalazeez
Ahmed Abdalazeez on 21 Jan 2019
what I want to do, is to find not only one msximum but the max for each peak for all dataset, I used findpeak, but it gives me several points, but indeed I need only the maximum point for each peak,,
thanks in advance

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Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung on 21 Jan 2019
if y1 is vector consisting of the y-values for your sinewave,
will return the max value. min(y1) will give you its minimum.

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