how is the in-line googlenet or inception v3 created using codes?

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Hi, I need to create an NIN structure just like googlenet.
so how to fulfill it in deep leaning toolbox? ( not with Deep Network Designer but with codes)

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Vishal Bhutani
Vishal Bhutani on 7 Jan 2019
By my understanding it seems that you want to create a similar architecture to googlenet.
You can refer to the link attached below for refering the googlenet architecture and you can use MATLAB function for creating the architecture:
MATLAB functions which will be helpful to create the architecture:
Also you can try using googlenet inbuilt architecture in MATLAB as a pre-trained network and train it for your dataset.
Hope it helps.
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Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao on 8 Jan 2019
thank you, maybe imitating the keras sripts is a good choice. but I really hope there can be scripts of constructing these typical models as every deep learning platform has that scripts.

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