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Unable to see Data Translation DT9824 with Analog Input Recorder

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With Analog Input Recorder I get 'No supported devices were found'
With data Acquisition tool I can select the device and set up a session, but when I try to run the session I get
"Error using datoolCallbacks
Property assignment is not allowed when the object is empty. Use subscripted assignment to create an array element.
Error in datoolCallbacks
Error in setupFigureLayout
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback."

Accepted Answer

Vishal Bhutani
Vishal Bhutani on 9 Jan 2019
Have you installed the driver/adapter for the Data Translation? If already installed provide the link from where driver/adapter is downloaded.
The error is not quite relevant to Data Acquisition Toolbox.
Hope it helps.

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Anoop Joy
Anoop Joy on 10 Apr 2019
As of now, Analog Input Recorder App supports only the following vendors:
  • National Instruments (Voltage Channels)
  • Direct Sound (Audio Channels)
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Rémi Guisse
Rémi Guisse on 13 May 2019
Thank you for this answer !
Do you know if the data translation or measurement computing DAQ will be available one day ?

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith on 9 Jan 2019
Everything works from commansd line and the Data Acquisition Tool app also appears functional, but the Analog input tool does not see the connected DT9824 device with a 'no supported devices were found' message.


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