"Undefined function or variable 'y'"

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Here is my code.
x = 1:100 (Creating a vector from 1-100)
if rem(x,2) == 0 (looking for even numbers)
y = x
Why is it telling me that y is undefined. It's essentially skipping over my if statement

Accepted Answer

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 8 Oct 2018
Edited: Bob Thompson on 8 Oct 2018
It's occurring because for your first number, x = 1, the if statement returns false, and so no value for y is defined, but then it's trying to display a value of y that doesn't exist. I would suggest setting y = 0 initially.

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amin ya
amin ya on 8 Oct 2018
If your condition doesn't hold true., it will skip your if, and it will give an error when you recall y.
You can get the output of y by not puting ";" in front of the y=x. You can also use "else"
if rem(x,2) == 0 (looking for even numbers)
y = x
y='not defined'

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