Why does the 'CellEditCallback' not get fired when a uitable has a table variable as its 'Data' on MATLAB R2018a ?

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I have the following code that creats 'uitable' and passes in 'tables' as the 'Data' value. The 'CellEditCallback' does not get fired.
f = uifigure;
g = uitabgroup(f,'Position',[20,20,450,350]);
tab1 = uitab(g,'Title','One');
tab2 = uitab(g,'Title','Two');
t1 = table([1;2]);
t2 = table(categorical({'';'';'Seafood';'Nachos'}));
tbl1 = uitable(tab1,'Data',t1,'ColumnEditable',true,'CellEditCallback','disp("Seafood Nachos");');
tbl2 = uitable(tab2,'Data',t1,'ColumnEditable',true,'CellEditCallback','disp("Seafood Nachos");');
tbl1.Data = t2;
Try editing any of the cells of the table. The call back does not get fired.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 12 Jun 2018
This is a bug in MATLAB and our developers are aware of this. As a workaround, use cell array data as opposed to table data.

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Patrick Schuster
Patrick Schuster on 19 Jun 2019
Hello everyone,
what is the status here?
Is there a fix in 2018b, 2019a or 2019b ?


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