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How do I use finite difference scheme?

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hyeonwoo park
hyeonwoo park on 1 May 2018
Answered: Rajesh Balagam on 3 May 2018
1st order linear ODE over a range -2.0<x<2.0
Requirement: Use a finite difference scheme with 1st order approximation of the derivative. And use 'for' function.
Task 1 : Draw solution curves with a symbol for dx=0.1 over the same range of x.
Task 2 : Repeat the same for dx=0.01 and draw on the same figure using a different symbol.
I don't know how to make this ODE solution without 'dsolve' function.
x1 = -1.9; y1 = 80*exp(-x1.^2);
for x2 = x1:0.1:1.9
y2 = y1-2.*x1.*y1.*(x2-x1)
plot (x2, y2, '-green')

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Rajesh Balagam
Rajesh Balagam on 3 May 2018

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