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Why does 'T' have the same value as 'Tb' in the Pipe (TL) block in Simscape?

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I have a model in Simscape that contains the Pipe (TL) block. The Pipe (TL) block in question belongs to Thermal Liquid models in the Foundation Library. WhenI simulate the model, I observe the variable 'T' to have the same value as the variable 'Tb' when viewed in the Simscape Results Explorer. 
I would like to know why this is so, and if possible, a detailed explanation of how the variable 'T' is computed.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 7 Oct 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 7 Oct 2021
Inside the pipe, the internal fluid volume temperature, T, increases due to the heat transfer from the temperature sources to the pipe wall. Since the direction of the mass flow rate through the pipe is from port A to port B, the fluid thermal energy also propagates in the direction of the mass flow rate, i.e., from the internal node to port B. Based on the upwind energy scheme, if the flow at port B is leaving the pipe, the specific internal energy at port B is equal to that in the pipe's internal fluid volume (u=u_B) and therefore the temperature at port B becomes equal to the internal fluid volume temperature (upstream of port B).
If you change the direction of the mass flow rate in the Mass Flow Rate Source (TL), the temperature at port A now becomes equal to its upstream temperature, i.e., the temperature of the internal fluid volume inside the pipe (T_A=T).
For more details on the upwind energy scheme implementation in the Thermal Liquid domain, please follow the documentation link provided below:

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