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makehdl like functionality for MATLAB Algorithm HDL generation

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How can we generate Native floating point hdl for generic target ( for ASIC/FPGA without locking to a particular vendor ), for a matlab function. We tried to generate this and it failed on function like 'floor'

Accepted Answer

Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 14 Jun 2017
Native Floating Point generation for MATLAB code is on our roadmap. Code generation for all math functions with single precision types is only available in Simulink to HDL code generation workflow.

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Tim McBrayer
Tim McBrayer on 14 Jun 2017
Native Floating Point code generation support was introduced in HDL Coder in R2017a for Simulink models. To instantiate a floor function, simply use the core Simulink Rounding Function block, with its rounding mode set to floor.



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