Concatenate two strings in Matlab coder

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Sbala on 8 Sep 2016
Answered: Ryan Livingston on 10 Sep 2016
I want to initialize two strings and concatenate them in Matlab , and produce C code using the Matlab Coder. Do I have to add a null terminator (0) to each of the strings before I pass them into coder.ceval('strcat',str1,str2) ?

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 10 Sep 2016
If you have strings in MATLAB, then just concatenate them in MATLAB:
str1 = 'foo';
str2 = 'bar';
str3 = [str1 str2];
MATLAB Coder will happily generate code for this.
If you're passing strings via coder.ceval then yes, you do have to null-terminate the strings since that is what strcat is expecting.
str1 = ['foo' 0];
str2 = ['bar' 0];
will do the trick.


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