Creating a 3D array out of multiple 2D arrays

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I have 10 masks that are 256 x 256 each. These masks are for 10 respective slices, so I want to combine them and make a 3D array ( 256x256x10). How do I do this? Ideas? Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 13 Feb 2012
doc cat %for more info
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 22 Mar 2021
Revise your code so it doesn't create 100 individual variables. Preallocate the array to be the desired size from the start and fill it in.
A = magic(4);
B = repmat(A, [1 1 5]); % or
C = zeros(4, 4, 5);
for k = 1:5
B(:, :, k) = A^k;
C(:, :, k) = A^k;

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More Answers (2)

Med_Imager on 13 Feb 2012
You can also do
for index=1:10
eval(['Mask_3D(:,:,index)=Mask_' num2str(index)';']);

Kris Hoffman
Kris Hoffman on 20 Jul 2020
I just had this exact problem (even with the same dimensions)
If the masks are all in one cell array,
A = cat(3,YourMaskArrayHere{:})
Produces a 256x256x10 uint16 array.

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