Using imresize function for matlab coder

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Hello, I am trying to use MATLAB coder to generate C code for imresize function as follows:
% code
function P = test_resize(I)
P = imresize(I,'scale',0.5,'Method','bilinear');
However, the code generation readiness fails as shown in the following image:
any suggestions?

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 31 Dec 2015
Edited: Ryan Livingston on 31 Dec 2015
Code generation support was added for imresize in MATLAB R2015b:
What release of MATLAB are you using (the ver command will show you)?
You can search for imresize here:
to see any codegen specific considerations.
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Mostafa El-Hashash
Mostafa El-Hashash on 31 Dec 2015
Hello Ryan, Thanks for your reply. The version was 2014a and I realized what you said that the support for imresize is added in the latest version 2015b which I am using now after updating. I can now generate the C code with no problems but when I am converting it to fixed-point operations I get an error readrding the imresize function that it cannot be converted to fixed-point operation. I thought that this conversion operation will overcome this issue. Is there is a solution for this as I am building this code for a fixed-point processor on an embedded platform.
Best regards

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