zeros of Bessel functions

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David on 22 Jul 2015
Commented: Chris on 9 Jul 2022
Has anyone posted an m-file which computes the zeros of bessel functions, J_n and Y_n?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 22 Jul 2015
Why not just use FZERO?
zroot = fzero(@(z) besselj(1, z), 3)
besselj(1, zroot) % Should be small
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Pierrick HAMEL
Pierrick HAMEL on 31 Oct 2019
Edited: Pierrick HAMEL on 31 Oct 2019
I added a guess for the ith zero of the bessel function of order n
for n =0:5
for i=1:6
guess = 2.5505 + 1.2474*n + (i-1)*pi;
Liste_zeros_Bessel(i,n+1) = fzero(@(z) besselj(n, z),guess);

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Mostafa Nakhaei
Mostafa Nakhaei on 30 May 2019
The above answer only calculates one zero. However, in most cases, more than one zero is needed.
There are several m.file for finding the zeros of bessel function that U include in here:
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Chris on 9 Jul 2022
Quite useful. Thank you!

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