problem of using rapid accelerator in simulink

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DouHao on 6 Jul 2015
Commented: Striker121 on 14 Aug 2019
I want to use rapid accelerator ,but it warns me that" Failed to build model 'XX' using LCC in rapid accelerator mode, please consider using MSVC instead." I want to know how to settle it and I use version 2015A. Thanks.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 7 Jul 2015
LCC is the free compiler which comes with your MATLAB install and is used by default if you have nothing else. The other one you can get for free is the Microsoft Windows SDK:
... though I'm not sure why LCC doesn't do the trick. If you look at the supported compilers page, it should suffice for Rapid Accelerator mode. Maybe you have other unsupported elements in there based on the table (Fixed-point? S-Functions? etc)
- Sebastian
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 7 Jul 2015
Hmm... that becomes a Microsoft issue if you can't install the SDK. There are some common problems with installing the SDK -- for example, having to uninstall old MSVC redistributables -- which depend on several things.
I'd recommend searching for your error message online and seeing if other people have run into it and solved it.

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Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 9 Feb 2019
Hello Ms,
I could not ran no-one simulation in this mode (rapid accelarator), my version it is R2018b, but I have not been able to overcome this problem. My models only run in Accelarator and nomarl mode as well.
Please give some insights in order to overcome this big problem for me, because I can not speed up my systems.
Kind regards!.

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