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Read excel data in Simulink and convert it into an array

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I am trying to import data from an excel sheet as an array into Simulink and turn it into an array. I doing it using a matlab function
the function is written as
function data = dataserial(file,range)
data = readmatrix(file,'Sheet1',range);
I am getting the following error:
Function 'readmatrix' not supported for code generation.
I tried looking this up but I am still a bit uncertain on the excact solution.
I just wanted to enquire if anyone has done the same: Importing excel data as an array
Also, I have tried the "From Spreadsheet" block in simulink but it was not working as well

Answers (2)

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh on 19 May 2024
Hi Aniruddh,
It appears you're using the %#codegen directive, which serves as a pragma to indicate your intention for code generation from a MATLAB algorithm. Removing this line should eliminate the error you're encountering.
However, if your workflow requires code generation, it might be beneficial to consider using the "From Spreadsheet" block instead. For a clearer understanding of its functionality and to get the most out of it, I highly recommend consulting the documentation and exploring the provided examples. You can find more information here: From Spreadsheet Documentation.
I hope this helps!

Paul on 19 May 2024
Edited: Paul on 19 May 2024
Add the line
at the top of the Matlab Function after the %#codegen directive.
Or, read in the matrix outside of the block diagram, perhaps in a callback or in the command window (for example, the best solution would depend on what the workflow actually is), and then use the matrix as a block parameter in a Constant block (or other appropriate block).


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