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How do I import requirements from Jama into Requirements Toolbox?

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I have a set of requirements in Jama. How do I import them into MATLAB?

Accepted Answer

Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 25 Mar 2024
You can import ReqIF formatted requirements, which you export from Jama, in two ways:
First, you can use the Import workflow via the Requirements Editor UI. Simply follow the instructions documented here.
You can also do this programmatically using the slreq.import API from Requirements Toolbox.
Here is a simple example, using a dummy ReqIF file named "dJamaHLRwithLinks.reqif"
reqIFFileName = "dJamaHLRwithLinks.reqif";
[~,~,newReqSet] = slreq.import(reqIFFileName);;

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