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Tools for generating simulink model documentation and diagrams

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Hello, I'm looking for a tool (or combination of tools) that can do the following
  1. Look into a model, and generate information about bus creators: Bus name, element names/types/size. This would be preferably in a table format.
  2. Simily, generate table of information about models, ports, mask parameters
UML type diagrams
I've seen sysml type of diagrams that are generated from modeling tools like cameo and system composer, and wondering if there are tools that can geerate these diagrams from existing Simulink systems. Please let me know if this is a naive or ill informed request.
3. Class diagram
4. Sequence diagrams
5. Activity diagrams
6. Use cases
7. State machine diagrams
Have any of come across something that can do 1 and 2, and either the same tool or a different one for 3-7?
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Josh Kahn
Josh Kahn on 20 Mar 2024
Hi @MP,
I'd like to understand your use case better. Are you looking for a tool to parse the existing Simulink model and generate the as-built behavioral diagrams instead of first defining them in an MBSE tool?

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Answers (1)

Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 11 Mar 2024
Hi @MP,
For items 1 and 2, you may want to look into the System Design Description report.
For item 4, there are Sequence Diagrams in System Composer - were you looking to create one from a Simulink model?
For items 3-7 (including #4), you may want to reach out to a point of contact in MathWorks Sales (if you have one) or reaching out to our Technical Support team. Either approach should result in getting one our Model Based Systems Engineering experts involved.
MP on 11 Mar 2024
Thank you ! I will look into the system design description capabilities. I think i looked yesterday but didnt see how to capture bus information. I also requested a trial of simulink report generator, would that also work?
For #4, yeah i was looking to generate one from the simulink model directly. Is that possible?
Alternatively, I have also read existing systems/subsystems can be converted to system composer, which can then generate sequence diagrams.
Is it able to generate activity diagrams, use cases, class diagrams, and state machine diagrams?
I've looked at system composer and will have a trial soon, but still not sure how it fits into our software development process.
Thank you very much for your answer!

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