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Plotting sine functions using linspace command

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Find: Create a variable y that calculates the following function for the range of t.
The variable, t, should contain 450 data points, in the interval shown below. You should be using the linspace command for this because you are provided with the number of points in the array.
Don't forget your operators! You are calculating the value of y at each individual element of t.
Once you have your t and y vectors filled with values, plot y as a function of t. Remember that, when using the plot function, there should be 2 input arguments: the horizontal coordinates come first and the vertical come second. Try adding the following code to label your plot:
title('Plotting Sine Functions')
My Solution: I got as far as to state the following:
t = linspace(-4*pi,4*pi,450);
y = 4*t*sin*(2*t);
However I was getting an error in my y...
Spaceman on 26 Feb 2024
I was having trouble obtaining this plot, due to the error I was getting with my y code line. Operators I believe refer to the element operator .* needed to properly calculate all of the points.
Spaceman on 26 Feb 2024
This was what was being asked for :
t = linspace(-4.*pi,4.*pi,450);
y = 4.*t.*sin(2.*t); % Might be abusing element operators here, but doesn't hurt
title('Plotting Sine Functions')

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Accepted Answer

Hassaan on 25 Feb 2024
Edited: Hassaan on 25 Feb 2024
@Kyle Weaver I recommend 'MATLAB Learning Material' and 'References' for further understanding.
% Define the range of t with 450 data points between -4*pi and 4*pi
t = % write the linspace command here
% Calculate y for each t using the given function: y = sin(t)
y = % write the function 'y' command here
% Plotting y as a function of t
plot(t, y)
title('Plotting Sine Functions')
grid on
MATLAB Learning Material:
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 27 Feb 2024
@Kyle, that is a part of a pre-defined message that I (and many other contributors) use. It's a like an auto-generated message.
I guess you might have just forgot to attach your code. I hope you won't forget it from now onwards.
As there are many homework questions being asked frequently on this forum without any efforts shown, expecting us to solve it for them, we have became a bit strict about this.
We are always happy to help/guide, but we won't do others hw for them.
A suggestion - You could take the free MATLAB Onramp tutorial to learn the essentials and syntax of MATLAB.

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More Answers (1)

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 25 Feb 2024
It says to plot y as a function of t. You can follow this example to make the plot.
You can learn more about linspace() and plot() in the documentation.
y = @(t) sin(pi*t).*(cos(pi*t)); % create y as a function of t
t = linspace(-pi/2, pi/2, 900); % use linspace to create 900 points over the range -π/2 < t < π/2
plot(t, y(t)), grid on % make the plot


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