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Error in lbfgsAdd (line 21): lbfgsAddC(​y,s,Y,S,ys​,int32(lbf​gs_end)) -- Unrecognized function or variable 'lbfgsAddC'

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Running the code from lbfgsAdd.m and I get the error bfgsAdd (line 21): lbfgsAddC(y,s,Y,S,ys,int32(lbfgs_end)) -- Unrecognized function or variable 'lbfgsAddC'. How do I solve this?
Torsten on 13 Jan 2024
Edited: Torsten on 14 Jan 2024
Can't you do what is suggested in my above link:
solve it with modifying ex1a_linreg.m line 46 to
options = struct('useMex',0);
In this case, MATLAB will just use the .m file, not the mex-file.

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Accepted Answer

Julia Gorman
Julia Gorman on 14 Jan 2024
Moved: Angelo Yeo on 28 Jan 2024
I ended up solving this by running mex lbfgsAddC.c and then moving the output of that to the same folder as lbfgsAdd.m and it worked. Thanks for the help though!

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