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how to plot a summation function in matlab using a for loop

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how can i plot this summation function using a for loop?
i start write this:
t = -pi : pi/6 : pi;
for i = 0:1
s=s+(2/3)*(pi^2) + ((-1)^i)* (-4*cos(i*t))/i^2

Accepted Answer

Rik on 28 May 2023
It's a good start.
You should only put the summation part in the loop, and you should store the results in a vector. (remember that the first element of a vector is index 1)
I would also suggest that you use n instead of i.
If you need help implementing this, feel free to post a comment.
Rik on 28 May 2023
The code you sent me by email is the exact same you posted in your original question. Why didn't you try to implement my advice?
Also, the code you posted will not result in a figure at all, so you didn't show all the code you're using. Neither of these two things are an effective way to solve the problem.
Please post your full code and format it properly. That way you can run it immediately in the editor.
Rik on 28 May 2023
I understand it may be difficult to ignore the spammer, but feel free to follow up with a comment.

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Torsten on 28 May 2023
Edited: Torsten on 28 May 2023
For reference:
syms k t
f(t) = 4*symsum((-1)^(k+1)*cos(k*t)/k^2,k,1,Inf)
f(t) = 
ans = 




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