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Simulink Switch Block Input Calculation

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I am trying to do the Model as efficient as possible, since I then have to generate C++ code and run it on a different platform, thus the following Question is regarding the Switch Block in Simulink and the calculation of its input.
Lets say I have a boolean which when set to TRUE does a big calculation but then when it is set to FALSE does not calculate anything. When using the Switch Block, does is nevertheless do the big calculation even though it is set to FALSE?
From my knowledge it would not do the calculation if I were using a if block, but I would prefer using the switch, since it is much smaller and easier to understand.

Accepted Answer

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 22 Apr 2023
Embedded coder attempts to pull upstream calculations inside the if-then C++ code generated for a switch block. However, to ensure code only gets executed when a particular condition is true, use IF-Then-Elese subsystems rather than switch block in the Simulink model.
Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 23 Apr 2023
I would expect upstream content to be pulled inside the if-then until a signal is branched or an atomic subsystem boundary is encountered.
Paul on 23 Apr 2023
Does upstream signal logging come into play? Seems like it must for running the model in Simulink, but I don't know if signal logging means anything when generating code to run on a different platform, as is the intent of the OP.

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