Returning output signals from a Simulink block to Matlab

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I have a Simulink Block with 9 output signals which can either be 0 or 1 (true or false). Each output signal is connected to an OutBus. I want to be able to get the values for each of the signals in Matlab so I can assign them to variables and use them elsewhere. I need to be able to do this while the simulation is running, which is where I am having trouble. Any help would be appreciated.
Luke Chapman
Luke Chapman on 6 Mar 2023
The matlab simulation is being run from Enterprise architect, the inputs to the system are set using constant blocks and the set_param function is used to set the constant values. I need to get the outputs of the system which are in the form of logical signals. I was looking to be able to run a piece of code which would capture the current value of the signals (0 or 1) and set them to a variable stored in the workspace. I can do this currently using to workspace blocks or by logging the signals but it only works when the simulation is paused or stopped (i.e the variable does not update while the simulation is running) this unfortunately is not good enough for what I need to do.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 6 Mar 2023

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