How do I edit sldv_covoutput folder path?

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Junhyung on 2 Mar 2023
Commented: Pat Canny on 3 Mar 2023
Hi, I am having trouble keeping track of my test output files and wondered if anyone can help with this problem.
In Simulink Design Verifier configuration, I designated output folder as follows,
and I have disabled coverage analysis in my Coverage configuration is as follows.
But when I use Simulink Design Verifier to generate test cases, it keeps generating this sldv_covoutput folder in my rootpath that contains _cvdata.cvt files.
Where do I set path option for this folder? The name sldv_covoutput is nowhere to be found.

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Nikhilesh on 2 Mar 2023
Thanks Junhyung for bringing this. This seems a genuine issue to me. I will definitely try to raise to the concerned team.

Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 2 Mar 2023
You can define the full path of the Output folder in the text field itself - it will otherwise assume the root folder.
For instance, you could enter "C:\Users\username\Desktop\MATLAB\SLDV\sldvTest\sldv_output/$ModelName$" in the "Output folder" text field in the Settings window.
You can also dynamically set the full path of the output file using sldvoptions. Here is a quick example that simply defines the path with a string:
opts = sldvoptions;
opts.Mode = 'TestGeneration';
aFolder = "C:\Users\username\Desktop\"; % just a dummy folder name
saveSLDVFolder = aFolder + "sldvDataTEST\";
dvDataFileName = saveSLDVFolder + "$ModelName$_sldvdata";
opts.DataFileName = dvDataFileName;
This will generate the Simulink Design Verifier data file in a folder called sldvDataTest on the Desktop.
Hopefully this helps.
Simulink Design Verifier Product Manager
Alok Nimrani
Alok Nimrani on 3 Mar 2023
Edited: Alok Nimrani on 3 Mar 2023
Starting from MATLAB R2022b, sldv_covoutput folder always gets generated within sldv_output folder as mentioned in the documentation page.
But if you are using any release prior to R2022b, then the path for sldv_covoutput folder cannot be set explicitly and it will instead get generated within your current working directory only. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Hope this helps.
Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 3 Mar 2023
Hi @Junhyung - my apologies. I had indeed misinterpreted your question. Fortunately @Alok Nimrani was able to provide an accurate answer :-)

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