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How can I use the output value from the first simulation reactor as init value of a second reactor simulation block in Simulink?

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Hello, I want to simulate 2 in series reactor(just a bunch of differential equations) in Smulink , but dont know how to pass the output of the first reactor as init value in second reactor.
Here is a look of the layout:
So variable "reactor 1 output" should go as init value in integrator block in reactor 2 , so i can solve diff equations in reactor 2.
Thanks in advance for the help

Accepted Answer

Paul on 2 Mar 2023
Hi Raúl,
Change the 'Initial Condition Source' in the Integrator block to 'external'. The integrator will then have another input port. Route the signal that you want to initialize the integrator with to that port.

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DUY Nguyen
DUY Nguyen on 2 Mar 2023
Hi Raul, it's not an optimal solution but you can add To Workspace block, and From Workspace block in between.
  1. In the first reactor subsystem, add a To Workspace block to save the output of the reactor to a variable in the MATLAB workspace. Set the Save format to Array.
  2. In the second reactor subsystem, add a From Workspace block to read the saved variable from the MATLAB workspace




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