for loop to read different files

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Gemma on 20 Jan 2023
I'm trying to run a for loop to read 3 different files loaded already on my workspace. Add the values on file 1 to file 2. Extract from another file the data and add +600, add that new data to an array and plot it. Any help with the code for this is really appreciated!
Something like this:
for j=1 numFiles
***read file 1
***read file 2
***add file 1 to file 2
***extract file 3 (new data +600)
*** add that chunk of data to an array
plot new chunk of data

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 21 Jan 2023
There are a few different ways that can do this exercise. Here is one of them:
FILE = fullfile('C:\Users\...', '*.txt'); % Directory where the files are residing. Your data file extension, e.g.: .txt, .xlsx, .csv, etc
LIST = dir(FILE);
N = length(LIST); % N = data files
D = zeros(1e3, 1e3, N);
for ii = 1 : N
FFName = fullfile(LIST(ii).folder, LIST(ii).name);
DATA = readmatrix(FFName);
D(:, :, ii) = DATA; % NOW D contains all data from N files
plot() % Select and process the part of D that is necessary
You can adjust this shown loop code for three different files

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