simscape kinematic loop don't accept motion input on cylindrical joint

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i have hydraulic manipulator i draw it on inventror and import it to simscape i try to add motion input to the hydraulic cylinder prismatic joint
but model not working and say kinematic loop has a targets for a revolute joint is ignored what should i do.

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 9 Jan 2023
Each of the joints in your mechanism has a target position (and possibly velocity) specified. You need to disable the targets on at least one joint.
  1. Double click on any Revolute joint in the loop, except for the one you are motion actuating.
  2. Expand the "Z Revolute Primitive (Rz)" section
  3. Expand the "State Targets" section
  4. Clear the checkboxes for "Specify Position Target" and "Specify Velocity Target"

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