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Continuously Update MATLAB Variable and Use in Simulink

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I was trying to use Simulink Desktop Real-Time in order to implement a real-time communication simulation with ModBus Protocol, where I send data (a request) from qModMaster (a tool, which imitates Master PC) to MATLAB using tcpserver. Then I instantly assign the data to a variable {var_name} and use the variable in Simulink in combination with Real-Time Sync Block. However, when a simulation starts, it takes the initial value of the {var_name}, and when I send another data(request), the {var_name} updates in the base workspace, but not in the Simulation. Is there any solution without using C/C++ S-Functions?

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 8 Dec 2022
Hi Leon,
please do set_param(gcs, 'SimulationCommand', 'update') after you change the value of the variable in the base workspace. This should update the model with new values of any workspace variables.
Good Luck, Jan

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Suchitra on 6 Dec 2022
Hello Leon,
I understand that you want to update the workspace variables during a simulink simulation and have the new values used while the simulation is running.
There are several ways to achieve it, depending on your use case:
1. Saving and restoring the simulation state as the 'SimState':
The Simulink 'SimState' feature allows you to save all run-time data necessary for restoring the simulation state of a model. A SimState includes both the logged and internal state of every block (e.g., continuous states, discrete states, work vectors, zero-crossing states) and the internal state of the Simulink engine (e.g., the data of the ODE solver).
2. Tunable Block Parameters:
Simulink lets you change the values of many block parameters during simulation. Such parameters are called tunable parameters. You can tell whether a particular parameter is tunable by examining its edit control in the block's dialog box or Model Explorer during simulation. You can also tune a parameter at the MATLAB command line, using either the set_param command or by assigning a new value to the MATLAB workspace variable that specifies the parameter's value.
Refer to the following documentation link to learn more about usage of 'Tunable Parameters':
3. Simulink.Parameter:
This class enables you to create workspace objects that you can then use as the values of block parameters, (for example, the value of the Gain parameter of a Gain block). You can create a Simulink.Parameter object in the base MATLAB workspace or a model workspace.
Refer to the following documentation link to learn more about 'Simulink.Parameter':
If a block parameter needs to be evaluated (and changed if needed) at every simulation time step, a programmatic way of stepping through the simulation is to use the following command in a loop:
set_param(modelName, 'SimulationCommand', 'step');
4. You can also employ event listeners to make parameter modifications only when certain events happened. Below is an example:
I think this should resolve the issue you are facing. If doing the above does not help prevent the issue, please contact Technical Support
MathWorks Support information is available here:

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