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how to get audio output via Raspberry PI 4 GPIO'S with matlab ?

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i want to output my audio via the GPIO's of my Raspberry Pi with the help of an additional Modul.
Does anyone have idea, how can i implement it in Matlab? I couldnt find any documentation on how to do it.
Thanks in advance

Answers (1)

Muskan on 21 Feb 2023
To implement a MATLAB module/script for getting audio output via the GPIO's of a Raspberry Pi, you may go through the following steps:
  1. Connect a speaker or headphones to the Raspberry Pi 4’s audio jack and make sure that your Raspberry Pi 4 has all the necessary drivers installed.
  2. Open a new script in MATLAB and use the “raspi()” function for creating a connection to the Raspberry Pi 4
  3. To set up the GPIO pins for audio output, use the “configurePin()” function. The GPIO pins 12 and 13 are used for audio output. To enable audio, change the mode of these pins to alt0.
  4. To play an audio file use the “system()” function to execute the “aplay” command.
  5. Run the MATLAB script.
This method uses the default sound in the Linux systems. You might need to employ a different technique to enable audio output via GPIOs if your Raspberry Pi 4 is equipped with a different sound system.


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