How to you put sin function in Simulink

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How do you put this function in simulink .
-2 cos(t/2)+2
I tried using the sine wave sine block in simulink but can not plot this graph.

Accepted Answer

Paul on 9 Oct 2022
Edited: Paul on 9 Oct 2022
Feed the output of a Clock into a Gain of 1/2. Feed the touput of that gain into a Trigonmetric Function block, select the cos option. Feed the output of that into a Gain of -2. Feed the output of that into a Bias block, set the parameter to 2.
Or use the fact that
cos(t/2) == sin(t/2 + pi/2)
So we can use the Sine Wave block with parameters:
Amplitude = -2
Frequency = 1/2
Phase = pi/2
Bias = 2

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