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Errors about the species in different compartments have different unit

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In my data, the concentration of Drug_Central was namomole/liter; the concentration of Liver_Drug was nanomole/gram. So I set the unit of Central compartment is "liter", and the unit of Liver compartment is "gram". But there was an error in my model. The error you can see in the picture below. How to set the unit in the model when the unit of species in different compartments have different unit?
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emjey on 3 Oct 2022
voZnW, as the first error message says, you cannot have unit-wise inconsitent species in a reaction.
Wrt concentration units, '... today species in SimBiology are still constrained to have units of amount/mass or concentration.', see
This is an unfortunate restriction many stumble upon.

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Florian Augustin
Florian Augustin on 5 Oct 2022
Just to follow up on emjey's comment. The error message indicates that some of your reactions are dimensionally inconsistent. You mentioned that you set one compartment's units to "liter" and another compartment's units to "gram". This could be the cause for inconsistentcy in your units. You can inspect the equations for Reaction_4 and Reaction_5 (and others that might be indicated in the error message you see) to help with debugging inconsistency in the units. You can see the equations in the SimBiology Model Builder by clicking on the right-most button (directly under the search bar) in the Model tab of the Browser panel.
Screenshot of SimBiology Model Builder.
You can also inspect the equations on the MATLAB Command Window by calling the getequations method on your SimBiology model.
I hope this helps,


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