Please help me in plotting the following functions.

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Torsten on 25 Sep 2022
Limits of Euler's beta function are 0 and 1, not a and b.
C_m,i^nu = beta(i*nu+3,(m-i)*nu)/beta(i*nu,(m-i)*nu) + 2
and the beta function is implemented in MATLAB:
So the infinite series reduces to
S_m^nu = 2 + exp(-m*u) * sum_{i=0}^{oo} beta(i*nu+3,(m-i)*nu)/beta(i*nu,(m-i)*nu) * (m*u)^i / factorial(i)
I think you should be able to take it from here.
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Gufran Malik
Gufran Malik on 25 Sep 2022
Yes, the limits are 0 and 1. a and b were typed by mistake.

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