How to modify the plotting layout after sbiopredictionci

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Hello team,
I am currently working with simbiology. After using sbiofit for fitting the experimental data (pooled), I would like to further calculate the confidence interval with sbiopredictionci.
fit_result = sbiofit(...)
preci = sbiopredictionci(fit_result)
I have successfully calculated the confidence interval, as shown in the photo below.
Since I am working with pooled fitting, I am thinking about combining all group data into one figure with only one confident interval plotted with the experimental data points.
And also, since I have multiple compartments (14) that were fitted, I would like to reorganize them into my ideal subplot layout (4*4).
Is there any way to do it?
If I have any misunderstanding, please also correct me.
Thank you very much.

Accepted Answer

Florian Augustin
Florian Augustin on 6 Sep 2022
Hi Jesse,
it sounds like the helper function selectivePlotCI from this MATLAB Answers post could help. The function selectivePlotCI gives you access to the individual axes via the selectedAxes variable. You could use those axes to modify labels and add data to the plots. Let me know if this does not help with your problem.

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