How to display datetime value or duration value in Edit Fields (Numeric or String)

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R on 28 Jun 2022
Answered: dpb on 28 Jun 2022
I have two timestamps that I will like to display on my app created by App Designer. One is in datetime format and the other in duration. Now, I have tried using both the numeric edit field and the string edit field but I get the same error message.
Error using matlab.ui.control.EditField/set.Value (line 98)
'Value' must be a character vector or a string scalar.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Answers (1)

dpb on 28 Jun 2022
Well, yes, do what the error says -- convert the datetime and/or duration to string representation.
>> dt=datetime(datestr(now)); % create a datetime variable
>> datestr(dt)
dt =
'28-Jun-2022 09:27:41'
The format is/can be set by the 'Format' property of the datetime variable as desired.
>> du=timeofday(datetime(datestr(now))); % for duration
>> string(du)
du =
>> char(du)
du =
>> cellstr(du)
du =
1×1 cell array
>> datestr(du)
ans =
' 9:30 AM'
>> timeofday(datetime(datestr(now)))
your choice -- NB: datestr on the duration doesn't preserve the leading zero with the default formatting.




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