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unable to resolve the name py.function error

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I am trying to call python in Matlab on Mac machine but i am not able to run any kind of (py.blabla) command, it says 'Unable to resolve the name py.myfunction'.
I used the command pyenv('Version' , 'Location of python') to load the python in Matlab.
And when i enter pyenv command the status says NotLoaded, please look at the screenshot in attachment.
kindly help me resolve the Issue.
Thanks & Regards,
Muneeb Fida

Answers (1)

Al Danial
Al Danial on 19 May 2022
Couple of things to try:
1) change the execution mode to InProcess
>> pyenv('ExecutionMode', 'InProcess')
2) open a terminal and verify that the Python installation you're pointing to works
$ /opt/miniconda3/bin/python
>>> print(3+4)
>>> exit()
Which version of matlab is this?
Al Danial
Al Danial on 21 May 2022
I'm at a loss and have only one more suggestion: if practical, install a full Anaconda distribution instead of the minimal miniconda. That's what I have on my mac and it works well.

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