Calling python modules gives ModuleNotFoundError.

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I have inherited some MATLAB code which calls some python scripts (authored by the same person, but they are no longer with the organization). I am wondering if the error I am getting is due to some missing dependencies and/or files/directories? Upon executing the script I get the following errors:
Error using <frozen importlib>_find_and_load_unlocked (line 973)
Python Error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'theta_controller'
Error in <frozen importlib>_find_and_load (line 991)
Error in <frozen importlib>_gcd_import (line 1014)
I put the in the same folder as the main MATLAB script doing the calling.
Are there any obvious steps I have missed so python scripts can be called by MATLAB?
I am a beginner in using MATLAB, Python, and MacOS so any help would be appreciated.
James Kondash
James Kondash on 18 Apr 2022
I believe the script calls the python module as follows:
theta = py.importlib.import_module('theta_controller');
The file is in the same directory as the parent MATLAB script I am trying to run.
Maybe I'm missing some dependencies, environments, and/or path specifications?

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Answers (1)

Al Danial
Al Danial on 21 Apr 2022
Does the MATLAB code change directories before calling the import command?
If you interactively invoke the import in a fresh MATLAB session as you've shown, with
>> theta = py.importlib.import_module('theta_controller')
do you also get the errors?
Will the module import correctly in Python? Open a Python session and try
import theta_controller




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