Matlab 2019a Ubuntu 20 Python 3.7.12 "Path argument does not specify a valid executable"

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we're trying to use Python 3.7.12 on a Matlab Docker 2019a Image on a Ubuntu v20 installation. On the windows counterpart this works fine setting it up via "pyversion($PATH_TO_PYTHON_ON_C)". However unfortunately on Ubuntu this fails with 3.7.12, whereas it's working with 3.8 (but it fails to run it, since it's incompatible with 2019a, goes only up to 3.7) saying "Path argument does not specify a valid executable"
Please see the screenshot for the detailed error message, Python 3.7.12 is definetly there and can be started.
Thanks for your answers!

Answers (1)

Al Danial
Al Danial on 21 Apr 2022
Does the command pyenv work in 2019a? If yes, what output does it show? 2020b uses pyenv to show what MATLAB thinks the Python exe is, and if it isn't found pyenv can be used to set it.
Kasjan Nowacki
Kasjan Nowacki on 21 Apr 2022
Ok we investigated deeper, seems the source of where we took the python 3.7.12 package from was in library type, not binary... that's why Matlab throws this errors, since it awaits binary files

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