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How to check efficiency of my code?

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Raviteja on 22 Sep 2011
Commented: Luna on 28 Jan 2019
I heard, the command true is faster than logical(1) This I got after reading one answer in this answers forum.
In general how to check efficiency of my code. I usually use to compare 2 programs for the same task by using tic - toc command. Whichever gives lesser time, I use that code in my application.
Here, my question is how to check efficiency of my code in another way(s) ?

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Jan on 22 Sep 2011
The PROFILE command is almost very helpful to measure the execution time of different lines. Unfortuantely it disables the JIT-acceleration, because it can change the order of execution and a the time spent "inside a line" is not meaningful anymore. So especially the accelerated FOR loops get very slow when a PROFILE is created. This might be one reason for the old rumors about slow FOR loops.
CPUTIME measures the time with running CPU. As far as I can see, this reduces the influence of waiting for the harddisk etc. This might be helpful, or useless according to what you want to measure.
There is a nice function in the FEX to measure run-times: TIMEIT. Under Windows you can use the high-accuracy-timer also: HAT.
Finally I'm using TIC TOC also for most measurements. Repeated measurements are required, because there will be some noise.
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Luna on 28 Jan 2019
I was searching about code efficiency, and found that timeit is already built-in so the function in the FEX does not exist anymore.
Putting the link here maybe it helps to someone who searches.

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