Set design verifiers parameters programmatically

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We have to set design verifiers 'MaxProcessTime' parameter programmatically so by using 'set_param' getting error like,
" block diagram does not have a parameter named 'MaxProcessTime'".
We have also tried sldvoptions but parameters are not reflecting in model.
Please provide effective solution for the same.

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Pat Canny
Pat Canny on 4 Jan 2022
Hi Aditi,
You should not use set_param to define the MaxProcess Time. The model itself has no parameter for this.
You should use sldvoptions within a call to sldvrun, like so:
optsModel = sldvoptions(bdroot);
optsCopy = optsModel.deepCopy;
optsCopy.MaxProcessTime = 120;
[ status, files ] = sldvrun(bdroot, optsCopy);
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Aditi  Kanawade
Aditi Kanawade on 5 Jan 2022
Hello Pat,
For test generation and equivalence testing we are using "sltest.testmanager.createTestForComponent()", so we can not pass sldvoptions to this command for test generation.
Please suggest if there is any other way.

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Devendra Bhave
Devendra Bhave on 9 Feb 2022
Use parameter DVMaxProcessTime to set maximum analysis time. You must save the model before calling sltest.testmanager.createTestForComponent() API.
Refer to Design Verifier Pane documentation for further information.

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