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How to programmatically find the port types of the blocks

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According to the documentation , "PortConnectivity" parameter of the block has a field "type" which should either return the type (enable, state ...) or number(if it is a data port).
However testing it on Enabled Delay block from Simulink library, the input ports "type" field is 1 and 2 instead of 1 and "enable". Is this a documentation error, api error or my misunderstanding?
Sohil Shrestha
Sohil Shrestha on 28 Dec 2021
It is under Simulink/Discrete. I want to know which source block's port is connected to a destination block port. For example, says there are two constant block connected to enabled delay block. I want to know if ConstantA is conncted to data port and ConstantB is connceted to Enable port.
In my particular scenario, I also have to know the block type of the each of the block. Given different variation of the Delay block is returned as Delay by
I was just confused how to know the port connection between blocks programatically.
Paul on 28 Dec 2021
Well, it does appear that there are several blocks in the Discrete library that all have BlockType == 'Delay'
As far as I can tell, and I might be wrong, the only way to distinguish how each is configured is to interrogate other parameters of the block, like
to determine which input ports are "active" (I can't think of a better word) and go from there.

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Sohil Shrestha
Sohil Shrestha on 28 Dec 2021
This clarifies the confusion.

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