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Load both MatLab and Simulink into the background.

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Is it possible to write a script outside of MatLab, that'll open MatLab without popping up the GUI interface? Sort of like load_system does compared to open_system? If you can load MatLab into the "background" is it possible to load in models using load_system? I want to make a program that can open MatLab and a Simulink model without the user knowing that either has been opened and I didn't know if it was possible to do so. Thanks!

Accepted Answer

A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 19 Aug 2014
Edited: A Jenkins on 19 Aug 2014
What are you calling it from? If you use the MATLAB COM Automation Sever, a sample VB script would look like this:
Function CallingMATLAB()
Dim MatLab As Object
Dim Result As String
Set MatLab = CreateObject("Matlab.Application")
MatLab.Visible = False
Result = MatLab.Execute("surf(peaks)")
MsgBox ("View Result.")
End Function
( Execute() will call Matlab commands as if you typed them at the command line, so you can add your calls to Simulink there.)
Lucas on 19 Aug 2014
I haven't decided what program I would be using to envoke the call to MatLab. I just wanted to make sure that I could open MatLab without the user knowing that MatLab was open before I spent time trying to get it to happen.
A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 19 Aug 2014
If you want to see what it looks like, you can put that code in the Excel VB editor (Alt-F11) and give it a try.

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