How to install toolbox offline?

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Oda van Jole
Oda van Jole on 7 Oct 2021
Commented: Oda van Jole on 12 Oct 2021
In our lab, we have Matlab R2018b installed on the computer. We need to install the Curve Fitting Toolbox and would really like to do so without connecting the computer to the internet. Is it possible to download the toolbox on a different computer and transfer it with a memory stick? Does it have to be the same Matlab version as on the lab computer? How can we solve this?
Thank you for any help!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 7 Oct 2021
Follow the steps on this documentation page.
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Oda van Jole
Oda van Jole on 12 Oct 2021
Thank you for the help. This seems to require us to update the Matlab version which we would like to avoid. We solved this by downloading the Matlab 2018b version to a different computer and finding the toolbox there, and moving the toolbox folder over to the offline lab computer.

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