Inf and NaN entities in C-code when using Matlab Coder

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Dani Tormo
Dani Tormo on 5 Aug 2014
Answered: Mike Hosea on 15 Sep 2014
I have a script in Matlab where I use Inf and NaN entities. I used Matlab Coder to generate C-code.
The problem arises in the C-code when using the function rtGetInf() to initialize rtInf (Inf number in Matlab). This function returns zero.
Why is that and how should I solve it?
I haven't looked where I use the NaN but I guess I'll face a similar problem.
I'm using Visual Studio 2010 Professional to compile the generated C-Code into a library to be used in PSCAD.
Thanks a lot! Dani
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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 6 Aug 2014
Hi Dani,
To clarify, you have generated some C code and you are calling it from C code you are writing in Visual Studio, correct?
If so, are you including calls to the initialize function in the file foo_initialize.h? That function should be called once before invoking the generated code. Similarly foo_terminate should be called when you are done using the generated code. The example:
shows calling generated code from Visual Studio. Particularly, step 6 mentions the initialize and terminate functions.

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Accepted Answer

Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 15 Sep 2014
Ryan's comment is the answer to this question. The initialize function must be called.

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