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Using variables from a .mat data file in a user-defined function

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Jacob Forbes
Jacob Forbes on 24 Sep 2021
Answered: Walter Roberson on 25 Sep 2021
I'm writing a function that will read data from a .mat data file and interpret a message using ASCII binary. The input data has a series of frequencies, the target frequencies being from 400-750 Hz by increments of 50. If there is a peak at one of the frequencies it is interpreted as a 1 and stored in a string, otherwise it is interpreted as a zero. The error I am running into is the function is not recognizing the variables that are defined within the .mat file that I load into in my main script. The script and the function are shown below. Any help is appreciated I'm still fairly new to MATLAB.
load('message_1.mat'); %load in data signal
window_size = 50e-3; %set the window size to 50 ms
samples_per_window = window_size*fs; %calcalute number of samples in each
total_windows = length(tone)/samples_per_window; %total number of sample
Message = [];
for i = 1:total_windows %repeats loop for total number of sample windows
window = tone((i-1)*samples_per_window+1:i*samples_per_window); %define
%the window within the tone data
[X,f] = myFFT(window, fs); %perform the fourier transform
Message = decipher(window, fs);
it should be noted I am using another user-defined function here myFFT
and then the user-defined function, decipher
function [Message] = decipher(window,fs)
binarystring = [];
for n = 1:8
if abs(X(abs(f-(350+50*n)) < .01)) > 0.015
binarystring=[binarystring '1'];
binarystring=[binarystring '0'];
hold = char(bin2dec(binarystring)); % ASSIGN TO TEMP VAR
Message = [Message hold]; % PUT VAR IN STRING TO DISPLAY LATER
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Stephen on 25 Sep 2021
If you want to learn how to write robust MATLAB code and avoid these kind of errors, then LOAD into an output variable (which is a scalar structure) and access its fields:
S = load('message_1.mat'); %load in data signal
Your current approach (spamming unknown variables straight into the workspace) is always liable to these kind of bugs.

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 25 Sep 2021
Note that the variable names stored and loaded from your *.mat file have to be consistent with the variable names called in your main m-file or to be renamed respectively so that your main m-file recalls the loaded variables correctly.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Sep 2021
function [Message] = decipher(window,fs)
if abs(X(abs(f-(350+50*n)) < .01)) > 0.015
How is the code to know where to look for X? How is it to know where to look for f?

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