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For loop execution problem in matlab

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Hi everyone, i want to do this, like for i=1:10, this function changes 0 to 1 on every first 10 loop iteration which is working in this program, but when the 11 iteration executes then the first 1 in the array changes back to 0 and when the 20th iteration executes i again get all the values equal to 0. Thank you.
clear all;
A = zeros(1,10);
for i = 1:20
if i<=length(A)
A(i) = 1;
elseif i>length(A) %%%this statement doesn't work
A(i) = 0;


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Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 12 Jun 2014
Edited: José-Luis on 12 Jun 2014
A = zeros(1,10);
for ii = 1:20
if i<=length(A)
A(ii) = 1;
elseif i>length(A)
A(ii) = 0;
A(ii - 10) = 0;


Aftab Ahmed Khan
Aftab Ahmed Khan on 12 Jun 2014
Hi Jose, Thanks. Just to let you know that this is also a part of my yesterday question which i managed to solve somehow, thanks to you guys as well.

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