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how can i solve [parse error at 'clear': usage might be invalid matlab syntax]

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working on this from longtime get rid of all errors only one I cannot figure it out

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Chandrasekhar on 6 May 2014
Edited: Chandrasekhar on 6 May 2014
remove the end and clears statement and use it

Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 May 2014
It appears to you that you cannot run your function because the end statement terminates it and returns to the calling program. The function runs, but since there is no code between the function statement and the end statement, nothing is done. Put the end statement at the end of your code, and delete the clear statement. It is never a good idea to put clear in your function because it clears the function workspace, including all the arguments that have been passed to it.
The Detailed explanation goes here line invites you to document your function and its use. Explain what the function does, what the input arguments are, which ones are optional, and what the outputs are. It is for your benefit, and the benefit of anyone else who might use your function. I also put a creation date and revision history.

Zeeshan Salam
Zeeshan Salam on 16 Apr 2019
help me how to solve this error?11.png
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 16 Apr 2019
The ability to include functions inside script files was introduced in release R2016b. It appears you're using release R2016a. Move the first five lines of code in that file to a separate file (so the line starting with the function keyword is the first line in the amedfilt_calccc.m file.)

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