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armin on 28 Jun 2011
how can i select a point from a graph? i have a graph and i want to select a point from it and do some works with its coordinate(x & y). i want to select on graph and recieve x & y coordinate
thank u
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Kavish Chaurasia
Kavish Chaurasia on 29 Jun 2011
there is a tool to locate the coordinate on a particular graph, which could be seen as an icon on the graph window.

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Accepted Answer

Gerd on 28 Jun 2011
Hi Armin,
you can use datacursor mode.
In the callbackfunction you can play with the points (x & y ) received from the callback. If you do need an example leave me a note.
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Gerd on 29 Jun 2011
Hi Armin,
of course you can use a GUI to fulfill your requirements but you don't have to use one.
Here is short example:
dcm = datacursormode;
Now you can click into your figure and the x and y values are displayed.
If you want to calculate something with these values you can simply type
position = getCursorInfo(dcm);
in the command window and you have the answer of the position in the graph.
You can also use the callback function by typing
Now the myupdate function is called everytime you click into your figure.
Please have a look at the documentation
help datacursormode
The command is well documented.

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Gerd on 29 Jun 2011
When you run your m-file and nothing is selected on the graph the position variable is empty. When your m-file is finished the position is stored and you can display the result in the command window. I would suggest to use the callback function so everytime you click on your figure you receive the position values.


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