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Create Team-Based Image Labeling Project

Collaborative image labeling workflow for distributed teams

Use the Image Labeler app to create a collaborative labeling project for your team. You can load a set of images, create desired label definitions, and distribute them to team members as label tasks. At any point during the labeling process, team members can send labeled images for review. You can create and send review tasks to the same or other reviewers. Based on the review feedback, the team members can modify labels and complete the label tasks. You can then combine the labeled images and export them into a groundTruth object.

During the labeling and review process, you can track the progress of all the labeling and review tasks that you create.

To get started with multi-user image labeling, see Get Started with Team-Based Labeling.

Project owner distributing data to task owners.


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Get Started Using Image Labeler For Team-based Labeling