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Select points with strongest metrics



strongestPoints = selectStrongest(points,N) returns N number of points that have the strongest metrics.


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Create a KAZEPoints object holding 50 points.

points = KAZEPoints(ones(50,2),'Metric',1:50);

Keep the two strongest features.

points = selectStrongest(points,2)   
points = 
  2x1 KAZEPoints array with properties:

       Location: [2x2 single]
         Metric: [2x1 single]
          Count: 2
          Scale: [2x1 single]
    Orientation: [2x1 single]

Input Arguments

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Points, specified as a points object. The object contains information about the feature points detected in the 2-D grayscale input image.

Number of strongest points to select, specified as an integer.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b