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Get allocation between source and target elements

Since R2020b



    allocation = getAllocation(allocScenario,sourceElement,targetElement) gets the allocation, if one exists, between the source element sourceElement and the target element targetElement.


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    Create two new models with a component each.

    mSource = systemcomposer.createModel("Source_Model_Allocation");
    sourceComp = addComponent(get(mSource,"Architecture"),"Source_Component");
    mTarget = systemcomposer.createModel("Target_Model_Allocation");
    targetComp = addComponent(get(mTarget,"Architecture"),"Target_Component");

    Create the allocation set MyNewAllocation.

    allocSet = systemcomposer.allocation.createAllocationSet("MyNewAllocation",...

    Get the default allocation scenario.

    defaultScenario = getScenario(allocSet,"Scenario 1");

    Allocate components between models.

    allocation = allocate(defaultScenario,sourceComp,targetComp);

    Get the allocation between the source component and the target component.

    allocation = getAllocation(defaultScenario,sourceComp,targetComp)
    allocation = 
      Allocation with properties:
          Source: [1×1 systemcomposer.arch.Component]
          Target: [1×1 systemcomposer.arch.Component]
        Scenario: [1×1 systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationScenario]
            UUID: 'd83d692d-03fa-4186-977c-ce31b9de9630'

    Input Arguments

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    Allocation scenario , specified as a systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationScenario object.

    Output Arguments

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    Allocation between source element and target element, returned as a systemcomposer.allocation.Allocation object.

    More About

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    TermDefinitionApplicationMore Information

    An allocation establishes a directed relationship from architectural elements — components, ports, and connectors — in one model to architectural elements in another model.

    Resource-based allocation allows you to allocate functional architectural elements to logical architectural elements and logical architectural elements to physical architectural elements.

    allocation scenario

    An allocation scenario contains a set of allocations between a source and a target model.

    Allocate between model elements in an allocation scenario. The default allocation scenario is called Scenario 1.

    Systems Engineering Approach for SoC Applications
    allocation set

    An allocation set consists of one or more allocation scenarios that describe various allocations between a source and a target model.

    Create an allocation set with allocation scenarios in the Allocation Editor. Allocation sets are saved as MLDATX files.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2020b