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Extend Architectural Elements

Add custom properties to architectural elements using stereotypes

System Composer™ provides built-in element types: components, ports, connectors, and interfaces. Create stereotypes (2) to extend element types with additional architectural metadata (5). Package related stereotypes into profiles (1) for use with multiple models. Share profiles between models to ensure consistency within a project.

Stereotypes (3) provide a template to represent certain concepts and terminologies. Assign custom stereotypes to a model element to define the element's relation to the system. Additional quantitative properties (5) defined within the stereotype with values specified on a per-element basis can be used for early analyses (4), such as budget allocation, latency tradeoffs, and other parametric design concerns. You can add engineering units to property values to establish context.

Description of a System Composer profile as specified.


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systemcomposer.profile.Profile.createProfileCreate profile
systemcomposer.loadProfileLoad profile by name
applyProfileApply profile to model
removeProfileRemove profile from model
renameProfileRename profile in model
systemcomposer.profile.editorOpen Profile Editor
systemcomposer.profile.Profile.findFind profile by name
systemcomposer.profile.Profile.loadLoad profile from file
saveSave profile as file
openOpen profile
closeClose profile
systemcomposer.profile.Profile.closeAllClose all open profiles
addPropertyDefine custom property for stereotype
removePropertyRemove property from stereotype
hasPropertyFind if element has property
setPropertySet property value corresponding to stereotype applied to element
getPropertyGet property value corresponding to stereotype applied to element
getPropertyValueGet value of architecture property
getEvaluatedPropertyValueGet evaluated value of property from component
getStereotypePropertiesGet stereotype property names on element
systemcomposer.profile.Stereotype.findFind stereotype by name
getDefaultStereotypeGet default stereotype for profile
setDefaultStereotypeSet default stereotype for profile
getDefaultElementStereotypeGet default stereotype for elements
setDefaultElementStereotypeSet default stereotype for elements
addStereotypeAdd stereotype to profile
removeStereotypeRemove stereotype from profile
getStereotypeFind stereotype in profile by name
applyStereotypeApply stereotype to architecture model element
batchApplyStereotypeApply stereotype to all elements in architecture
getStereotypesGet stereotypes applied on element of architecture model
removeStereotypeRemove stereotype from model element
hasStereotypeFind if element has stereotype applied


Define Profiles and Stereotypes

Define specialized model element types based on components, ports, and connectors.

Use Stereotypes and Profiles

Import profiles, apply stereotypes to model elements, and extend existing stereotypes.

Analyze Architecture

Perform static analysis on a System Composer architecture to evaluate characteristics of the system.

Simulate Mobile Robot with System Composer Workflow

Simulate a mobile robot architecture with a systems engineering workflow.

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