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Final time of simulation for frequency response estimation



    tfinal = getSimulationTime(input) returns the final time of the Simulink® simulation performed during frequency response estimation using the input signal input. Altering input to reduce the final simulation time can help reduce the time it takes to perform frequency response estimation.


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    Create a sinestream input signal.

    input = frest.Sinestream('Amplitude',1e-3,...

    The sinestream signal input includes 50 frequencies spaced logarithmically between 10 Hz and 1000 Hz. Each frequency is sampled 40 times per period.

    Calculate the final simulation time of an estimation using that signal.

    tfinal = getSimulationTime(input)
    tfinal = 4.4186

    tfinal indicates that frequency response estimation of any model with this input signal would simulate the model for 4.4186 s.

    Input Arguments

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    Input signal for frequency response estimation with the frestimate function, specified as one of the following objects.

    You can create input signals at the command line or export signals that you create using the Model Linearizer app.

    Output Arguments

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    Final time for a simulation performed during frequency response estimation using the specified input signal, returned as a scalar value.

    Alternative Functionality


    You can view the simulation time for an input signal when estimating a frequency response using the Model Linearizer app. To do so, in the MATLAB Workspace or Linear Analysis Workspace section, select the input signal. The app shows the simulation time in the Variable Preview section.

    Input signal selected in the MATLAB Workspace section at the top of the Model Linearizer data browser. The simulation time is highlighted in the Variable Preview section at the bottom of the data browser.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2012a